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Thank you for hiring our E-bike and we hope you enjoy your day!


You must be 18 or over.

There are helmets provided for your safety, please wear them.

Always lock your bike when unattended. There is a wheel lock for each bike on the rear wheel. Simply push down the black lever on the left hand side and remove the key. When the bike is unlocked the key will stay in the lock.

Always travel at speeds appropriate for local terrain and conditions as well as your experience level. When in doubt, slow down. Ride with your headlight on, which will make you more visible in any conditions. The headlight will turn on when the ebike is powered on. We recommend you keep it on whenever you ride.

You can use the pedal assist system (PAS) to call up assistance from the motor while you are pedalling. Pedal assist uses a cadence sensor built into the drivetrain of the ebike. The cadence sensor detects when you revolve the pedals and signals the electric motor to provide the level of pedal assistance (0-4) that you selected.

To engage the twist power assist while pedalling, slowly and carefully rotate the twist power assist grip backwards towards yourself. When the bike is on and you are pedalling at an adequate cadence, the twist power assist function acts as an adjustable, on-demand pedal-assistance boost. It is not designed to be used when the rider is not pedalling.

Please see below for range estimates to help you understand the factors that can increase or decrease range:

40 km (25 mi): Hilly terrain l Windy l Light pedalling l Heavy payload l High pedal assist level, high twist power assist use

52 km (32 mi): Flat terrain l Not windy l Light pedalling l Normal payload l Low pedal assist level, minimal twist power assist use

88 km (55 mi): Flat terrain l Not windy l Moderate to heavy pedalling l Normal payload l Low pedal assist level, minimal twist power assist use


If you break down please call the 24 hour emergency helpline on 0333 000 1234 who will arrange transport back.

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